1-Why Subscribe to the Newsletter?

By subscribing to Zéfiro’s newsletter, you will be up to date with Japanese news and the new products offered by DIANIME and Ataraina, thanks to which you will receive our newsletter directly in your email.

If you are a company and you want to have information about our traditional products or start working with us, get in touch with us.


2-Do you only distribute within Spain? (commercial and logistics area) and only for retailers (companies)?

The brands of Zéfiro, DIANIME and Ataraina, act and distribute their products within the European Union.

Depending on the order quantity, shipments will be made from warehouses in Japan and Spain to other countries.

Our activity is mainly focused on the distribution of Japanese products to wholesalers, retailers and private companies. But within the DIANIME brand, private customers can buy, directly through our page, a wide variety of products, with a minimum order of € 30 per purchase, with free shipping costs.

3-What do we do?

We are distributors of Japanese products in Europe; gathering from the traditional part to the most innovative technology.

We also dedicate ourselves to:

-Export of products to Japan.

Apart from importing Japanese products to Europe, we also export some products from Spanish companies to Japan.

-Translation between Japanese, Spanish and vice versa.

We offer a document translation service from Japanese to Spanish and from Spanish to Japanese.


We help Spanish companies to contact Japanese companies.

-We facilitate participation in events and trade fairs.

We make it possible for companies, both Spanish and Japanese, to participate in events and trade fairs within Spain and Japan.

For any question or if you are interested in more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

4 – Are the products 100% Japanese?

We guarantee that our products are brought directly from Japan.

Ataraina brand company is Japanese and manufactured in Japan although it also has factories in other countries, so some components can be produced by themselves in other countries.

We work together with them being the exclusive distributors in Europe.

On the other hand, the DIANIME brand distributes products from several Japanese companies that sell in the Japanese market, some are not manufactured in Japan, but they are directly imported from there.

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