1. Olives oil type.


A good olive oil is made through mechanical procedures and does not include additives or preservatives.

Its color, flavor and aroma are given by the type of olive used and by the oil extraction method.

We all know that the name of Extra Virgin denotes the highest quality as far as olive oil is concerned, but …

What must this have to be able to be classified as such?


Types of olive oil and how to differentiate them:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known by its acronym as EVOO, is the highest quality.

Extracted by mechanical procedures, it retains its properties for health and can be considered natural olive juice,

without additives or preservatives. Its acidity should be less than 0.8%, which indicates a greater amount of healthy fatty acids from the nutritional point of view.

It has attributes that recommend consuming it raw.

The Virgin Olive Oil, without the word “Extra” is still olive juice without additives or

preservatives, but has a variation in taste, smell or color with respect to extra virgin olive.

Its acidity should be between 0.8% and 2%. It is commonly used to cook more than to eat it raw.


Olive oil that is no longer considered “Virgin” is a lower quality oil because it

obtains through the mixture of virgin oil and refined oil. The refined oils come from the lampantes,

defective oils that must go through refinement processes in order to be suitable for consumption.

Part of this mixture is obtained by refining Virgin Olive Oil with acidity greater than 2%, so the Oil

de Oliva is not olive juice. Even so, it is suitable for consumption and must have a degree of acidity not superior

1%, which may vary due to industrial handling, although it is an oil that has lost so much of its

aroma, color and flavor, as its beneficial qualities for health. It can be found with the label «soft»

or “intense”, which depends on the chemical process used.


The Oil of Orujo de Oliva is the oil of lower quality suitable for consumption. This oil can not be

considered Olive as it is the result of the mixture of virgin olive oil with pomace (solid residue of the

olive when the oil is extracted mechanically). It must have a degree of acidity not higher than 1.5%.

It is used in catering to oil the plates and fryers.

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